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Strategies to Make it Through Ohio Ride Parks

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Do you love Ohio theme parks but hate the high prices and long line-ups? Do you plan a family vacation every year to Six Flags, but are tired of fighting the crowds and constantly opening your wallet? If so, keep reading for a basic guide that will Options for a Mount Kilimanjaro Climb – Take a Mount Kilimanjaro Hike Today help you survive the ups and downs of Ohio's roller coaster parks.

Can Your Kids Handle It?

Certain rides may come with age restrictions, but theme parks don't. However, just because you can take your three-year-old to Six Flags, does that Back Pain - Causes, Types & Exercises mean you should?

Remember, younger children can really slow down the pace of the day as you make your way from the rides to the potty to the cafeteria and back to the rides. Smaller infants are often easier as they can be pushed in a stroller, but it also limits your options as a parent. However, before you take your kids to a theme park, ask yourself if they're ready.

Have a Realistic Budget

A simple five day vacation to some of the best Ohio theme parks will cost you more than you might think. A family of four eating at restaurants, sleeping in hotels and paying for gas can easily work up a tab of well over $2000. So, be realistic about your budget.

Start saving by avoiding the pricey junk food stands and by toting plenty of healthy snacks, such as juice boxes, dry cereal and fruit, string cheese, and granola bars. Next, don't buy items like sunscreen and film at park kiosks - the prices are generally higher than they'd be elsewhere.

Avoid the Crowds

You can avoid the Nike Air Force 1 A Great Choice For Teens crowds by going early on a weekday. Another great tip is that when the park opens Best Way To Fix Download Sh31w32.dll Windows 7 and people enter the gates, most veer to the right once they enter and work their way around and toward the back of the park. If you walk in the opposite direction, you'll avoid some of the early morning crowds.

An alternative crowd-avoidance tactic is to make a beeline straight to the back and spend your day working your way toward the front while the masses make their way to the back.

Avoid Lines

Most parks in Ohio allow you to purchase your tickets online in advance, meaning you can avoid the massive ticket lines at the start of the day.

Good Theme Parks

The best known out of all the Ohio Theme Parks is the Cedar Point amusement park, the biggest park in the world. However, there are numerous others and multiple water 912 Error Problems How To Get Rid Of parks in the surrounding area, such as King's Island, Six Flags and SeaWorld. For more information, contact the Ohio Division of Travel and Tourism for additional details.